Project Based Learning or PBL opens the doors to real world journeys. PBL is the ideal method to empower decision making, comprehension and collaboration in learners through movies. We bring engagement to the classroom with projects that spark creativity and awareness. When educators enjoy teaching, learning becomes a fun experience



From color-coded guidelines to individual department logins and everything in between, we provide you all the tools to take the guesswork out of lesson planning. Each 50-minute lesson includes filmmakers inspiration, tips for how to effectively analyze scenes, worthy buzzwords for discussion, guided Q&As, and more. Our thoughtfully curated curriculum leaves no stone unturned and is designed to be driven by student-led discussion.


We listen to educators around the world to learn what works and what doesn't. If it's happening in the worlds of film and education, we're tuned in and have selected movies that provide insight and opportunities for growth and understanding.



If it's not fun, it won't work. Every lesson is mapped out with activities, role-plays, debate prompts, and learning strategies like Think-Pair-Share or gallery walks. We’ve got you covered!

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