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You have the power to transform lives!

Get the Big Picture helps educators develop their superpowers. We offer a dynamic curriculum to engage learners, transform 6 - 12 education, and create meaningful learning experiences through our core offerings.

Lesson Guides 

GTBP guides are appropriate for all Humanities subject areas. We select movie scenes with relevant themes that connect learners to the real world. Our guides are rooted in social - emotional learning and align with your state’s standards. ​

Professional Development 

We provide teacher training and development to help educators of all experience levels and subject areas teach with media successfully. We train middle and high school educators to effectively use our curriculum to create an inclusive and responsive learning environment. The training is facilitator - led with opportunities for participants to collaborate with peers.


Talk to your campus administrator about attending one of our upcoming workshops.


Custom Experiences 

We work with community organizations to bring movie - enriched curriculum to summer camps, school enrichment programs, film festivals, and other youth experiences.


Tell us about your organization and we will design a customized, fun learning experience that meets the needs of your program.

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